Therapy vs Coaching

Consultations or Coaching, Therapy or Coaching, Counselling or Therapy and then Mediation and Support groups and Advisory firms and so on ….wordle

Many of us feel often confused when these terms are not used correctly or when we do not  know what they really cover.

To understand the difference between Coaching and Consultancy, I give you a simple example.

A coach will ask you many powerful questions and you figure out the answer. A consultant will give you advice, options and solutions, so you get the answer. For me it does not really make sense to give you an answer without you having a question at ready. This is why I always start my session with coaching questions. So we actually have questions to answer. Then we move on to the solutions. This is why MH Consulting is not simply coaching or not simply consulting. It is a combination of both.

How is it different from Therapy? 

coaching vs therapyPatrick Williams in the Choice Magazine (reproduced with permission and available on the link here to download in .pdf) explains that “Unlike therapy, little time is spent in the past with coaching, except for brief “visits” and then the focus is on developing the future. “

For me coaching is really to look into the future using information from the past, consultancy is then the pavement that we walk on to get there, to achieve our set goals. As I do this mainly in business environment it means focusing on your marketing, business goals, time management, personal and professional development and your business challenges in general.

The above mentioned article also says: “…therapy is about uncovering and recovering, while coaching is about discovering…”

This is what I love the most: discovering. It is always something new to find. And not only in you or in your business but also in myself. As when I meet you, it is not just you who benefits from the session. You will show me your world, so I learn a lot from you, too.

If you want to discover your future challenges and opportunities now, contact me and we will ask those questions, answer them and plan the path to achieve your goals.

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