SMART-UPs : how to start-up smart?

birth of ideasI have loads of business ideas. This is why I love my job. Anytime I work with someone who is about to set up a new business, I feel like we create something new, something unique together. My brain starts working immediately and I can list numerous options how to solve a problem or how to promote a product.

But having a good idea is not always enough. You need to have a good structure, a great plan: a SMART plan!

Do not be just a simple start-up, one of many. Be SMART and start your own SMART-UP!

How to plan and set goals SMART? This is where I come to the picture. This is where we can work together.

Plan together, Plan SMART

Plan together, Plan SMART

Do not ever save on expertise or quality, there are many ways to save money or fund your business while offering high quality products or exclusive service.

Let me know what you think:

If you need more inspiration, read a list of ideas how to start a small business with minimum investment. Do you want to do something but have not yet figured out what it is exactly?

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Mariann x

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