Time management tips during a Business Consulting session (Case Study – The Pantry)

consulting in thePantrycropped1I handle all my clients’ files as confidential.

I find it essential to analyse the cases I work on and it does not matter that we have  a coaching session or a business consultancy. I always find tailored solutions. I cannot give the same advice to everyone. Even if two of my clients run similar businesses they are different. Their attitude towards the business, their standards, values and performance are all different, and so are their personalities.

I also commit myself to listen. Listen very carefully and actively so I really can hear what they have to tell. What their businesses tell me about them. What their website is about. How their Facebook profile picture talks to me. And these all help me. These all support my work plan, the flow of our sessions.

veggies and fruits in the PantryWhereas, we are all unique, there are always similar challenges that we can approach in similar ways. While I had a discussion with Clair, the owner of the Pantry, about targeting and where/how to find new clients, we talked about time management.

How would you be able to make more time to do all the tasks you put on your list?

First you want to do everything, soon you realize that you do not have the time! Before you could start with any marketing magic technique, you must find or make time to do it!

If you want to address your customers yourself, you must be available to meet them.

Hence, I am sure that making more time in your life will help you a lot to be available to make more money, to meet more people, to send out more leaflet.

Save time by prioritizing

Save time by prioritizing

I draw this simple picture to Clair and she thought this was really helpful. This is my to-do-list. Do you simply write a list? Or clouds of words? Or several lists on post-its? You might have a mental list or one on your calendar that is off as soon as you swipe the red cross over your screen. Are they helpful? Do they work well for you?

Let’s see if we can do a little improvement on your to-do-list.

First you need to determine what is important, what is urgent or the combinations. Write the task into the right place and there you go!

I gave the advice to Delegate what is not important but should be done by yesterday and you have no time to do it yourself. But you might decide to delegate other things, like cleaning that could easily end up in the ‘dump-it’ section, so you actually make time. thePantry consulting

What is not urgent today, might become urgent tomorrow. Try out how you can work with this smart tool and just move your undone tasks to the next day. You will feel less guilty knowing that they are not the urgent, nor the important ones!

Would you like to learn more? Do you want more?

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