Are you good at what you do? REALLY?

feedback-520527_1280Are you good at what you do? How would you know that? What do your clients say about you? Do you know it at all?

Asking for feedback is one of the most scariest thing. Seeing a customer satisfaction survey result can be the most humiliating experience ever. At least, many business owners think this way.

It does not necessarily have to be  a bad thing.

First of all how do you know what you do the best? Client surveys, customer satisfaction questionnaires or feedback forms are not to list all the negative experience your client had with you. Feedback is not complain. Or it does not have to be.

feedback form mhcIf you ask for feedback every time you interact with a client, you can be entirely sure about your standards, your values and the quality of your service from your customers’ point of view. You will know who (they think) you are and what they need.

It can give you a distorted picture, though. You might make the mistake to satisfy all your clients and consider only what they need. But then what about you?

What about your expectations,measure-585888_640 your values, your standards and your motivation? You have started this business with an original idea of how to achieve success. You are doing this job because you chose it. How can you measure your success? Do you know how good you are? Do you know if you are up to the minimum expectations? Who will tell you?


So, what can you do now?

Landscape-Reflections-2Write down your expectations. From yourself, from your work, from your environment. Reflect. You need reflection to be able to see yourself clearly. Double check it regularly. Then get the collected feedback from the same period and compare them. If you have never wanted to sell high quality video decoders, than a complain from the customer looking for it in your shop is irrelevant, isn’t it? But if your shop shelves are all labelled as out of stock, this feedback might be something to look into.

Your customer will tell you how good you are, just give them the opportunity to do so. Ask them!

But always, ALWAYS, have a list of expectations in front of you that you wrote yourself, so you can check where you are, who you are and what you offer – from your own point of view. This is the only way to measure YOUR OWN success and satisfaction.

Let’s talk if you need someone to hold the mirror.



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