Why would you want to become self-employed and how to do it?

Why would you become self-employed?

hopeEveryone has a reason. Everyone has a good reason. There is a networking group for self-employed mothers and they put it out on their website why and how they started. Read about their stories in their business directory and on their website.

Certainly the best option to appreciate and schedule your own time. You need wonderful time management skills, though, but you can learn that.

What would you do as a self employed? How would you start it?

Well, start dreaming. Than write down your dream. Try to make it real, sound real. It does not have to be realistic, though. And at this point the research will need to start.

First you do research inside. In yourself. What kind of skills do you have to make this happen? Do you have the right knowledge? Are you an expert in this field? Would you enjoy doing this as a job? Even if you feel that you are not qualified, you are not expert, do not give it up just yet! You can learn, you can improve, you can start with small and build it up from scratch. Your possibilities are limitless! Do not run away. I trust you.

I believe in you. In your skills, in your mind, in your courage. Do not be afraid to think outside of the box.

Once you are clear about yourself, turn to your audience.


Do marketing. Reflect. First, find out who are your customers. Go through the marketing planning with an expert if you do not know how to play with the “P”s. You do not have to understand all the marketing secrets – unless you plan to set up a marketing business….

Do you have now your clients? Do you know who are they? Have you found them?

OK, put together now a questionnaire, a survey or just try to speak with them. Ask them what they want. What they need. What would make them happy. What would they want to buy.

And then start working. Build your online presence, set up your network, connect with your customers. Focus on your strengths. Push those things that you are good at. Forget or outsource everything else.

opss, do not forget to contact HMRC, read through their relevant pages, call them, talk to them.

And now you are ready to deliver.

Would you need more inspiration? Read advice from other self-employed people from the Loughborough network.

If you have any question let’s talk.


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