Your Mask

Be Yourself. Be honest.

Be Yourself. Be honest.

I have seen this picture and made me think about those who think that everybody ELSE is successful and all those others should help them get started and it is others’ fault that they are not yet successful. We know that blaming others for whatever reason is always the biggest weakness of all. Specially that we have no idea why those other people live a life like that. We do not know what is behind the scenes. And judging someone – positive or negative – is not a way forward and not too smart either. I always think that reflection on our own personality will bring us so much more. Look after yourself, mind your own business. Ask yourself first, then ask those others.

Who are you? Are you the person you are supposed to be?

There is a cliche that “everybody wears a mask”. Do you agree?

I know many do.

So how would you be able to tell who is natural and who is pretending?

And what about you? Do you have to wear a mask to act professionally or professional behavior is part of your personality?

Do you wear mask to be kind to your loved ones or kindness is your middle name?

Are you happy to be polite and not being able to say NO when you feel it or can you cope with tough conversations?

Are you really on that standard where you think you are?

Wearing a Work-Mask could be the first step. Forcing a task on yourself every day creates habit. Being kind every day even through a smiling mask can be the first step to take. Putting on a mask to act professionally at work can be the first step to become professional.

How many times have you told someone that “Thanks, very kind of you, but I DO NOT LIKE IT.” ? OR How many times have you accepted something just to be polite? And then how did you deal with the frustration?

Do you feel that you are stretched often beyond your limits? (Well, good news is that stretching will help you to push your limits further away. This way your comfort zone is getting much bigger every day. But it is not always comfortable.) When you are pushed is it your own decision or are you forced in any way? Does it bring you any good into your life? Being dishonest is lying?

Wearing a mask is not the same as not being honest, or is it? Are they equally untruthfulness?

If you wear a work mask but you are getting closer to act on high standard, the mask becomes part of your personality and it will disappear. So you start with something that is out of your comfort zone and then you gain something out of it and it can be a great benefit.

If you are not honest about your limits just to be polite, you will either get to like it or you start saying NO. Not being honest just to be polite is something that you expect from others? Do you want them to lie to you just to look kind? Which one hurts more the fact that you are fooled or the truth?

Balance Yourself

Balance Yourself

Are you dragged around by everybody OR are you the one who creates the circumstances that are preferable?

Where do YOU find the balance?

I would love to hear what you think right now.


I found this photo here:

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