Make more time for what is important

Time management – Delegate!!! Focus on your strengths and delegate everything else! How? Let’s brain storm together now!

money vs time

money vs time

How much money do you waste?

Let’s quickly calculate it now… are you ready? How many hours do you work a day? How many money do you make a day? How much time do you spend with NOT growing your business? How many hours do you spend on figuring out what you should do next? Let’s say you waste 2 hours a day from your working hours, this is 2x your hourly fee. (For me, it is a pretty nice amount. It would hurt wasting it!)

There you go…

Where could you use this amount? Can you now imagine a good place to put this money in your business? What could you buy for that money? And it is just one day… how many days do you work a week? and a month? Do you see now the amount? And what could you buy from this money? Would you feel happy if someone just gave that money to you as a gift?

Why don’t you just treat yourself and gift this amount right now? Gift it to yourself!

So, why don’t you just spend time with those tasks that you are good at? Those ones that you really love? And what about the others? Do you have to do them?

Ok, I got this. Sure, you have to do them. At least someone has to do it.

But do you have to do the job yourself?

Let me give you an example. Let’s think now together.

let's think!

let’s think!

Who are the participants of your business?

Is it you and your colleagues? Or just you? Or you and your employees? You, your employees, your clients and your vendors?

So when it comes to delegation what can your partners in business do for you?

Let’s say you want to start blogging. But you have no time to write blog posts.

(Note: Did you know that you can post an article in less then 5 minutes and it is great if you can do that weekly?)

Let’s say, you do not have 5 minutes weekly for whatever reason. How would you think this through?

I would go on the line of something like this:



So? What do you think? What do you need to do now?

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