What’s Wrong With Beginning Small?

What success means? Only the rich are successful? Is a mother, for example, who has created life and brings up beautiful souls, considered successful? Is a self-employed business owner, who is able to feed his family and live a well balanced, happy life, can be called successful? Or only those are successful who are followed and admired by millions? Can the love of your closed one make you the happiest ever? Do you have to keep growing your business to become successful or achieving balance in small could be enough for happiness?

Vincent Egoro

Photo Credit: flickr.com Photo Credit: flickr.com

These days it’s all about “bigness.” Everyone one talks about big dreams; big ideas; big goals. We are always told to admire and model our lives after those people who conceive great ideas and successfully bring them to reality. Every young lady dreams of marrying or dating some rich man. Every young man thinks in millions and billions.

While nothing absolutely is wrong with such thinking anyway, many of us who are so engrossed in the thinking and talking big fail to consider the small things that make great things or a great life possible. The fact is we cannot all think in millions, and we cannot all aspire to vast achievements. But this is no reason why we should despise ourselves or look down upon ourselves because our daily work and our life may not be doing great things.

Are you doing small work? Are you…

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