Engage your followers! – just a few tips

Good morning!

Today, I decided to share my thoughts with you randomly because I had a conversation yesterday that did not leave me. The thoughts in my head are so loud and flashing that I really must share them right now! (ok, I am still normal, I think)

So, what do you expect from your social media platform? From your presence on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, etc? What do you expect from your advertisements?

What is your goal with these? Do you realise that these are only TOOLS? So the goal is not that you go and share 5 times a day on Facebook! The goal is that you sell your product and you use social media to communicate with your clients.

Imagine that Facebook or Twitter is just the clear air in between you and your customer and you have a conversation in a lovely café. How would you sell to that person then?

Would you engage that person’s attention by:

 – asking questions about THEM?

– investigating a bit more about THEIR likes and dislikes?

– introducing yourself (and not your product) a little bit more?

– helping that person identify the gap that your product could fill in their life?

So, go ahead and do this!

  • talk about your customers,
  • ask them
  • involve them
  • ask them again when they comment – keep up a conversation
  • tell more about your thoughts, what makes YOU unique?
  • tell your customers why your product is a great value FOR THEM personally!

huhh… I already feel better that I could write this down.

Thank you for reading.

Ask me if you need any help to phrase those questions, to find why you are unique. We can brainstorm together, it is so inspiring!

Talk soon,


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