Same old, same old…

Time management again.

When I read the first  point, I knew that I must share it. So this time, here is an article that I recommend to read:

Time management advice – 7 tips that your boss would never give you

time management advice your boss would not giveTime management is probably the one area of life where almost everybody needs some advice; and there is plenty of time management advice to be found. The unfortunate thing is that much of the time management advice which is in circulation is completely ineffective. Over the years, the time management advice which I have received includes make a to-do list, handle each item only once, start with an easy task etc. Each bit of advice seems to have some logic to it but it needs further explanation. Unfortunately, these bits of time management advice have become nothing more than catchphrases e.g. if you were to actually handle each item only once that would mean that any time that somebody hands you a piece of paper, you have to deal with it there and then, thus putting control of your time outside of your hands. Is that really good advice?

Time management advice that your boss would never give

I find that with time management advice, the more logical it sounds, the more ineffective it tends to be. The very best time management needs a little explaining so that you can then adapt it to meet your needs. The following 8 tips are written in a way which, hopefully, will emphasize the point.

1. Dump everything

If you were to tell your boss that you were going to dump everything that you have agreed to do, he would probably need an ambulance. Don’t worry though, that is not what is meant by dump everything. Productivity guru, David Allen, offers one of the best pieces of time management advice when he says ‘dump it’. At least once per day you need to get all of your commitments out of your head and either on to paper or onto a computer.

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You can also get your free time management book on this very same webpage:

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