The best job you can do from home

Source: raising humans

I run a management and business consultancy and I got this question already so many times from mothers who do not want to return to be employed but want or need to earn money. What is the best job I can do from home?

20150330_181510I always give the same answer: There is no answer to this question that I would be able to phrase for you.

If anyone gives you a list of business opportunities, think! Think! Why would they do that? How would they know what is best for you, for your family? How would they know what fits your personality the best and what kind of work makes you happiest?

So, simply just stop asking this question, please. At least, stop asking others!

Ask yourself the following questions instead:

  • what makes me happy?
  • when I run my day what type of activities make me feel energized?
  • do I love talking, meeting people?
  • do I prefer writing or talking?
  • do I love people or numbers and papers?
  • am I an introvert or extrovert or highly sensitive introvert or extrovert?
  • am I gifted or talented?
  • is there any hobby I love and makes me happy?
  • how many hours do I want to work?
  • do I want to leave the house for work at all ever?
  • do I know anything about business administration?
  • do I have any sort of knowledge of marketing?
  • am I able to motivate myself or do I need a team?
  • can I invest any money?

and so on, so on, so on… listen to yourself for at least a week and create a list of all the good things that make you feel happy, refreshed and energized.

Also ask your partner or sibling or who knows you best what they would answer the questions above.

Then do your research. If you need a team and you want to socialize you might consider an MLM business. If you know nothing about marketing, try a franchise. If you are happy with administration and numbers, open a virtual assistant service. And this is how you build up who you are, what you want. Then, once you start to form a picture about your dream work, start to plan: what you want to achieve, how much money you need to earn, when you want to get to certain mile stones, etc.

BEFORE you commit yourself to anyone or you invest, think about why you want to do this. List your reasons that will motivate and reinforce you. Create a vision board and keep it somewhere you see it every day. What is a vision board and how to make it? This is how I made mine: just click here for the article.

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