Lifestyle business

What is a lifestyle business and why people do it?

raising humans

I had to realise that all I want is a lifestyle business. Not a start up, not being employed, not staying at home without working. But live a life in a way I want and do a business that supports it financially AND I can actually enjoy.

I had to realise that while I was busy with building my startup I just created a 9-5 workplace for myself. I had to put my son in childcare. I had to dedicate so much time and work to make it happen, to get clients, to work with clients, to network and to deliver. I was my own boss but in fact, my clients were my bosses, so I had as many supervisors as many clients. Nice.

I put myself from being employed 9-5 – where many people (several unprofessional, incompetent bosses) told me what to do on a daily basis without asking for any feedback or…

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