WAHMs Café – a virtual place to share creative ideas


Why do you want to belong to a community? What is WAHMS CAFÉ? It is a Facebook group to network, learn and grow AND there is NO membership!

I see many groups growing on Facebook, Forums that have more thousands users. It is not possible to keep up a decent conversation when 1,2k people comment within one hour. Networking is great but connecting is better!

wahms café invitation.jpg

We aim to keep our group small and informative, interactive. What do we talk about there?

We talk about you. Your business, your success and your weakness. How to grow, how to change, how to stand tall. We learn together, nobody is an expert in every single field of business management. But we are all expert in one field or another. So, better if we share.

You can boost your marketing, learn about campaign planning, set your goals clearly. This bunch of talented and creative entrepreneurs await you already.

Mariann Hornyák


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