What is your dream job?

Have you ever noticed how quick the time passes when you do your hobby? When you sew that new pattern or when you cut that last piece of thread. Time flies when you finally finish that necklace or design that pallet. It is like yoga. Yoga means that you exist in the present. You de-clutter your mind and you focus on being. This is exactly how you feel when you do that one very important activity. You are content. You are happy.

what is your dream job blog post illustration.png

Would you be content and happy for living? Would you mind doing something that makes you happy and calm and still get money for it? Hmmmm wait, I think this is called success.

Are you successful? Or are you only full of material values, money, nice cars… is it something you are after? Well, in fact, we do not have much in common then.

creativeSuccess is not money. Not for me. Success is when you are full of energy, you are happy just because you love your life, you love every inch of it. You love every segment of your daily work and you would never change it. Success is when you have time to have a decent breakfast every morning and have a lovely chat with your family at the dinner table. Every single day. You do how you please and you live how you have always dreamt. I am already successful. I am already free. I am happy. I am paid to be so.

Is it easy to follow your dreams? Yes. And No. Yes, because you only have to start with one single thing: doing. No, because it is awfully scary. But worth it.

Do you think you could take the first step?

I think I have a great plan for you! My job starts when you decide to dare to dream.


Big hugs,

Mariann Hornyák

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