Work with Mariann

“Mariann has a wealth of knowledge and helped me loads. I highly recommend her.” – Clair Gilliver-Paling, owner of The Pantry

Add content to your website, social media or blog. Do you need inspiration? let’s talk.

Do you need someone to write for you? let’s talk.

Do you need help in planning your marketing campaign? Let’s talk.

Booking an appointment is FREE. Attending your first session is FREE.

And it is up to you what you will take away with you.

What does MH Consulting do?

  • set a goal – so you know where you go.
  • remember where you are coming from – so you can measure your success.
  • play with all fields of marketing – so you can engage more clients.
  • be organised and focused – so you do not waste your time and your money.
  • go through your processes to find the problem – so you can correct it.
  • teambuilding activities so you have a wonderful team

What if you do not have any idea of what the problem is? What if you have just started? What if you already have a set process but you want to change? Let’s talk. The first session at MH Consulting is FREE – so you at least get a chance to figure out if you need to change anything or just wait and keep going!

What can you do before you reach out? Read the blog and join our community!

When do you need to call for help?

kérdőjelIf you have a blur business idea, contact MH Consulting. If you have a clear idea what you want but you do not know how to get it, MH Consulting is the right service to choose. If the questions “what now? what next?” bother you, contact MH Consulting. If you feel lost surrounded by closed doors, contact MH Consulting. Do you need to return to work soon and you are scared? Do you want to stay with your baby but do not want to ‘stay at home’? Are you talented in your profession? Do you feel that you could be successful but marketing is not your cup of tea? contact MH Consulting.

Mariann keeps focus on business planning.

Find out more: Contact Us!

What else to know about MH Consulting? What can MH Consulting help you with?

  • Social Media planning
  • Marketing planning
  • Copywriting
  • Content management
  • Blogging
  • Business model planning
  • Goal setting
  • Planningbusiness-coaching
  • Time management
  • Work/life balance
  • People management
  • Employee relations
  • Customer relations
  • Networking
  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Performance development
  • Success planning
  • Personal development
  • Coaching

What will happen on a session? I will ask you questions to put your obstacles into the spotlight and I will inspire you to find the right answers to remove those obstacles from your life and work. If we keep working together and you need more than just identifying problems, as a consultant I will deliver solutions to you.

diplomaWhat is behind MH Consulting?

  • 4 years in the field of Human Resources
  • 5 years with the United Nations
  • 6+ years in international and multicultural environment
  • 14 years of work experience
  • 4 yr university degree in International Relations
  • Master degree in International Economics and Business

Do you feel stuck? Do you need inspiration? Do you want to open that door but cannot find the key or need someone to be there with you? Would you like to improve your situation? Are you willing to create a plan and follow it? Are you ready to stand up and step out of your comfort-zone? Are you prepared to explore your own unique path to succeed and find balance? Contact MH Consulting with your question or in case you have no questions yet just book a free intake session so we can phrase your questions together. None of us has a magic wand but with hard work impossible is just a word in others’ dictionary.

You can book an appointment here: BOOK YOUR SESSION