cute you are amazing

I recommend myself….

I could tell you that I take my work seriously and I follow high standards. I could also explain how important quality work is. I might be able to convince you that I am skilled, educated and clever.

But why would you believe me?

You have never seen me, we have never shaken hands.

Therefore, I decided to collect a few words other people have said about me and my work.

I thought the session was great, it gave me different ways of thinking and ideas that I hadn’t thought of. Some were so simple but will make my business run so much smoother. Others were ideas I hadn’t even considered. Mariann was so friendly and helpful with lots of great ideas. I cannot wait to book another session as I think it will be very valuable.” – Amanda Weise, Lace and Love

“Buzzing with New ideas….very excited…” – after a 30 minutes phone call about marketing with Ann Marie Topham, Travel Counsellor

“Thank you! I thought it was fantastic, a great springboard for future plans and ideas!” – Kate Lowe Wedding Photography 

“Thank you Mariann Hornyák. I had a lovely time meeting you today and appreciated your valuable business advice. I can’t wait to get stuck into researching your suggestions!” “I highly recommend her!”  “If anyone needs any business coaching and consulting contact ‪#‎Mhbusinessconsulting‬. Mariann has a wealth of knowledge and helped me loads. I highly recommend her.” – Clair Gilliver-Paling, owner of The Pantry

“My impressions of the MH Business Consulting

I am so glad Mariann Hornyak starts the professional consulting in  business way as she has been practicing to guide people for years. As I have the impressions of Mariann Hornyak, I know the consultancy would be the same workflow:

  • Always analyzing the questions which  came up.
  • Find the goal which needs to be reached.
  • And get closer step by step to the finish line and even beyond that.

Usually the guides are telling us: “do this-do that and you will be happy and rich”. I think it is not the way. The good consultant like Mariann will follow the workflow but at the same time personalize the best practice for each client. Standards are working only in the little things but if someone wants to create a big thing – it can be a new life, a new project or a new company – this must be a special plan for each goal.

From the client’s side is very important to be able to change and accept the advice. Like the communication during the consulting and planning is not a to-do or a not-to-do list. The client must be honest and open for the new ideas. MH Business Consulting and Mariann might offer some steps which can be surprising but also organized and showing creativity but also reliability.

Once a dream turns into reality it can be very frustrating. Suddenly everything has changed and the question has come up: What’s next? The consultancy is more than just a guide to realize a dream, a business plan or a new life. Mariann will hold your hands and help you walk but once the consultant is gone, you won’t fail. The consulting and Mariann, they will give you the tools and a chance to learn how to walk alone.” – Andrea Földi

Give me feedback!

Give me feedback!

You can learn business from books, you can understand economy from the news but you cannot create a personality. You have the chance to develop, so this is my aim, too. I want to learn, I want to develop. Hence your feedback is very important to me. I really want to hear what you think. If you have anything to share with me, please send an e-mail to contact@mhbusinessconsulting.co.uk 

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