About Mariann

Who is behind MH Business Coaching and Consulting?

My name is Mariann. I am the consultant who runs this business. Who am I?


the journey is important

I have had an interesting journey in life already. Well, I guess, I could list here all my former positions with multinational companies or within the United Nations or other humanitarian organisations. I could list all the countries from the Maghreb through Europe to the USA from where I worked with people and could also show off with my sometimes life-threatening adventures in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Also could add all my certificates and diplomas.

The journey is important but I will not take your time now.

Ask me about these if you are interested.

What more important for you is that who I am today.

I am a genuine, caring person who talks the talk and walks the walk, and nothing makes me happier than leading the charge, uniting and motivating others with infectious enthusiasm. I am a person of integrity.

I studied about the economy, marketing and business-related subjects first in 1996. It was just like yesterday. I still remember how I understood NOTHING! So, by now, I like to believe that I gained enough knowledge not to get lost anymore. Obviously, we learn something new every day – if we are open and receptive.

I believe in miracles

I believe in miracles

I am not embarrassed to admit that I believe in fairy tales and miracles. I believe in the Good and I believe in the Potential that every single one of us treasures. Though, we often hide these values. Some hide them too well. But they are there.

I am a person who will answer your question or at least ask you a better question without sending you a bill first. My door is always open and I welcome your thoughts, your concerns and your suggestions. I want to hear your plans.

What is more, I want you to think and I want you to plan.