Make more time for what is important

Time management – Delegate!!! Focus on your strengths and delegate everything else! How? Let’s brain storm together now!

money vs time

money vs time

How much money do you waste?

Let’s quickly calculate it now… are you ready? How many hours do you work a day? How many money do you make a day? How much time do you spend with NOT growing your business? How many hours do you spend on figuring out what you should do next? Let’s say you waste 2 hours a day from your working hours, this is 2x your hourly fee. (For me, it is a pretty nice amount. It would hurt wasting it!) Continue reading


I am pleased to welcome you here. MH Consulting is my consultancy to support small business owners, self employed people – specially parents – and start ups to find business solutions, learn about marketing and set their goals. I also help them achieve those goals and keep them motivated to stick to their established work plan. Oh, you might have no work plan? Or you might have no marketing plan or business plan? If you are comfortable to put it together alone, do it! You will benefit from it, I promise.

If you feel that you need company to daydream then plan together, contact me!


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