What is a discovery session and why is it completely FREE?

What is a discovery session and why is it completely FREE?

Imagine, you are in the grocery shop and you notice that beautiful piece of cucumber on the shelf. It is calling you, telling you how wonderful you are, begging you to take it home. You can go there, touch it, feel it, smell it. You can even taste it if you want. What I mean is that you will know what you buy. You know that the cucumber must smell like this and if it is not up to your expectations, you leave it. You have the chance to choose between cucumbers and pick the one that smells better. nyilak merre hope chance

You cannot do this when you apply for services. While you know that the guy who repairs dishwashers should come out and will use a few tools, might replace this or that and will work until your machine works perfectly well.

And what happens when you need somebody to give you advice? What about consultants? What about coaches? How will you know if they are the right cucumber for you?

This is our biggest challenge, to be honest. We know we smell good but we cannot really prove it. We know we can change your business numbers, we can bring you success or even make a difference in your life. We can only prove it if we get a chance at least one single time and someone hires us, trusts us and then tells others. You will don’t know until you try.

This is why most of us offer a free discovery session, a take-in session to see whether we fit together or not. The first consultation is about to see what you need from us and what we can offer to solve your problem. It is free because we don’t know in advance how it will work out. Being an advisor is not like selling cucumbers.

We, consultants, coaches, want to know what happens to you after we talked, our way of guiding you will change your life. The grocery guy wants to sell you high-quality cucumber but it is not his business what you do with that veggie after all. I want to know how you perform. I want to know what you do with my plans and suggestions, and if you do not follow my instructions, you will not get the desired result.


If I see that you are not willing to work with me, I will not take you. After the first session, I will gently send you away. Because I cannot take responsibility for something that is not dependent on me. This is why I do not take any payment before we commit to our common plans and goals. But how would you know what I can offer before you tell me what you need? You see now. I do not sell cucumber.

This is why I encourage everyone to contact me, talk to me, ask questions. I am not selling anything and you are not obliged to take a second session or opt in for anything.

If you have a dream to talk through, come on! and give me a call, message me here on my Facebook page.

Mariann Hornyák

Do you plan your working hours well?

Time management is one of the hardest things to learn. You know what you should do, in most cases… and then you spend your time with something else. Worst case scenario: you waste your time! How will your business suffer from your bad habits? Have you realised it where you could be right now if you spent your working hours well planned? Do you think you are as effective as you could be?

I am sure you want to do more. You started your business to become more, to express yourself, to do something for yourself and of course, to earn money! I know we do not need to race and it is not always priority as often family comes before work. BUT, what if I tell you that you can actually do something very small every day that will change your way of work? Would you like to know what I am talking about?

First, work in teams. Are you self-employed with no colleagues? Join our WAHMS Café club on Facebook!

Second, clear your mind before you go to sleep! I am sending you a template to copy. Here you can add your e-mail. (I hate spams, I do not spam. But I send out important training materials and access to online courses soon.)

You can simply subscribe to my newsletters that I draft once a month, and you will see it is good to be connected.


My vision board

… or dream board…

I share a secret with you now. This is so personal. I have dreams that I have not yet shared with anyone here.

This is how it started: I was dreaming about the sea and a life that allows me to spend ALL my time with the ones I love. I was dreaming about feeling healthy and pretty and actually look good in that damn sexy bikini. For too long it was just a dream.

One day I felt it is time and started to think about the “how to” part, so the planning began.

I discovered how to cheat my brain and how visualizing my success would lead me to actual success. I created a vision board, or dream board. I collected pictures, I find the best words that expressed what I wanted to achieve. I did a plan to calculate how much money I need, what I must do, what the steps are and I put these on the board. I have a plan to follow to make my dream happen and become true.

I love my vision board. So easy to create one, if you understand the logic behind it.

I recommend this book, it is brilliant.

What I did was easy. I printed pictures about the beach where I wanted to live, I printed a picture of myself (I was not brave enough to do it in a bikini), I picked a photo of my extremely handsome husband and put the numbers and words on a board along with the photos.
So, what do you want to achieve in your business or in your life?

Same old, same old…

Time management again.

When I read the first  point, I knew that I must share it. So this time, here is an article that I recommend to read:

Time management advice – 7 tips that your boss would never give you

time management advice your boss would not giveTime management is probably the one area of life where almost everybody needs some advice; and there is plenty of time management advice to be found. The unfortunate thing is that much of the time management advice which is in circulation is completely ineffective. Over the years, the time management advice which I have received includes make a to-do list, handle each item only once, start with an easy task etc. Each bit of advice seems to have some logic to it but it needs further explanation. Unfortunately, these bits of time management advice have become nothing more than catchphrases e.g. if you were to actually handle each item only once that would mean that any time that somebody hands you a piece of paper, you have to deal with it there and then, thus putting control of your time outside of your hands. Is that really good advice?

Time management advice that your boss would never give

I find that with time management advice, the more logical it sounds, the more ineffective it tends to be. The very best time management needs a little explaining so that you can then adapt it to meet your needs. The following 8 tips are written in a way which, hopefully, will emphasize the point.

1. Dump everything

If you were to tell your boss that you were going to dump everything that you have agreed to do, he would probably need an ambulance. Don’t worry though, that is not what is meant by dump everything. Productivity guru, David Allen, offers one of the best pieces of time management advice when he says ‘dump it’. At least once per day you need to get all of your commitments out of your head and either on to paper or onto a computer.

Read more:


You can also get your free time management book on this very same webpage:


What is your biggest challenge?

WARNING: You will need pen and paper to read this article! So before you sit down, prepare them, please.

When I ask business owners what their biggest challenge is, 8 out of 10 says: Time Management. And they say it without thinking.

money vs time

money vs time

They know it.

They also know how to do it better. They know all the tricks. They just cannot change.

Are you one of them?

Are you the one who is always busy but not effective? Who keeps forgetting what must be done?

Do you know what the reason is behind this? Habits. Bad habits.

And what is behind good time management? Habits. Good habits.

If you really want to change and give your business a chance to grow or keep feeding you at least, do one little thing now.

List all your habits that you have in relation with your work. Everything. Social media, television, post-its everywhere, chatting on the phone, distractions. I know you just nod your head now, but what if you really give a chance to it? What if you take that 5 minutes NOW and get a paper and a pencil. I wait. Go and get it.Hand_Writing_Small

So, you listed your bad habits that keep you away from your success. Now pick one. Only one. The one that annoys you the most! Let’s say it is that you get lost on your Facebook news feed too often. So, now find a solution. A good habit. For example, when you sit down to your computer, you close ALL your social media platforms. ALL of them. You can access your browser but not until you finished your excel sheet with the admin. Or whatever you must working on.

Apply this single one good habit every day.

Keep your list with the bad habits. And move on to the next one in one or two weeks time.

This is the only way that you will start it.

  • Create good habits.
  • Create a lifestyle.
  • Decide how you want to live.

You can blame others. But if you look into your heart and you truly listen, you will admit that it is all up to you.

I am telling this with my best intention. Because I believe in you. I believe that you can do it.

Pick one bad habit now and change it. It will give a fantastic boost to your life and business.

Take care and let me know how it goes,


Make more time for what is important

Time management – Delegate!!! Focus on your strengths and delegate everything else! How? Let’s brain storm together now!

money vs time

money vs time

How much money do you waste?

Let’s quickly calculate it now… are you ready? How many hours do you work a day? How many money do you make a day? How much time do you spend with NOT growing your business? How many hours do you spend on figuring out what you should do next? Let’s say you waste 2 hours a day from your working hours, this is 2x your hourly fee. (For me, it is a pretty nice amount. It would hurt wasting it!) Continue reading

Your Mask

Be Yourself. Be honest.

Be Yourself. Be honest.

I have seen this picture and made me think about those who think that everybody ELSE is successful and all those others should help them get started and it is others’ fault that they are not yet successful. We know that blaming others for whatever reason is always the biggest weakness of all. Specially that we have no idea why those other people live a life like that. We do not know what is behind the scenes. And judging someone – positive or negative – is not a way forward and not too smart either. I always think that reflection on our own personality will bring us so much more. Look after yourself, mind your own business. Ask yourself first, then ask those others.

Who are you? Are you the person you are supposed to be?

There is a cliche that “everybody wears a mask”. Do you agree?

I know many do.

So how would you be able to tell who is natural and who is pretending?

And what about you? Do you have to wear a mask to act professionally or professional behavior is part of your personality?

Do you wear mask to be kind to your loved ones or kindness is your middle name?

Are you happy to be polite and not being able to say NO when you feel it or can you cope with tough conversations?

Are you really on that standard where you think you are?

Wearing a Work-Mask could be the first step. Forcing a task on yourself every day creates habit. Being kind every day even through a smiling mask can be the first step to take. Putting on a mask to act professionally at work can be the first step to become professional.

How many times have you told someone that “Thanks, very kind of you, but I DO NOT LIKE IT.” ? OR How many times have you accepted something just to be polite? And then how did you deal with the frustration?

Do you feel that you are stretched often beyond your limits? (Well, good news is that stretching will help you to push your limits further away. This way your comfort zone is getting much bigger every day. But it is not always comfortable.) When you are pushed is it your own decision or are you forced in any way? Does it bring you any good into your life? Being dishonest is lying?

Wearing a mask is not the same as not being honest, or is it? Are they equally untruthfulness?

If you wear a work mask but you are getting closer to act on high standard, the mask becomes part of your personality and it will disappear. So you start with something that is out of your comfort zone and then you gain something out of it and it can be a great benefit.

If you are not honest about your limits just to be polite, you will either get to like it or you start saying NO. Not being honest just to be polite is something that you expect from others? Do you want them to lie to you just to look kind? Which one hurts more the fact that you are fooled or the truth?

Balance Yourself

Balance Yourself

Are you dragged around by everybody OR are you the one who creates the circumstances that are preferable?

Where do YOU find the balance?

I would love to hear what you think right now.


I found this photo here: http://simplereminders.com

Coaching is a commitment

jóképű srác mosolyog

Terms and Conditions, Rules and Regulations, Cancellation Policy and so on, so on… you can call it whatever you like, it is a document that you need.

If you sell a product, you need to regulate how you sell it and under what conditions you accept a return. This is your guideline, this will protect you if you make a living from offering services. It is a document that every client and costumer needs to understand and agree before you start doing business together.

I added something more. A few thoughts about how I expect my clients to think about coaching and consulting. I included these few thoughts, so I make it really clear. Coaching and Consulting is not a one-off event that randomly happens to you. Coaching will bring change into your life.

And change comes to your life as result of your decision.

“Coaching is an ongoing relationship between a coach and a client.  The opportunity for success for the coaching client dramatically increases because changing habits and creating possibilities is a process.” It is all about finding your balance.

“Coaching is a structure”



“By entering this relationship, the Coach and Client acknowledge that the Client wants to make significant progress and change in his/her life. Because progress and change happen at rates that are unique to each individual, the Coach and client commit to working with each other for an initial three‐month period. This allows the coaching relationship necessary time to develop and progress through objectives, obstacles and successes that occur.”

We are going to do this together. We will find your balance.

Are you ready to commit yourself?

Message me when you are.

Talk soon,

Why would you want to become self-employed and how to do it?

Why would you become self-employed?

hopeEveryone has a reason. Everyone has a good reason. There is a networking group for self-employed mothers and they put it out on their website why and how they started. Read about their stories in their business directory and on their website.

Certainly the best option to appreciate and schedule your own time. You need wonderful time management skills, though, but you can learn that.

What would you do as a self employed? How would you start it?

Well, start dreaming. Than write down your dream. Try to make it real, sound real. It does not have to be realistic, though. And at this point the research will need to start.

First you do research inside. In yourself. What kind of skills do you have to make this happen? Do you have the right knowledge? Are you an expert in this field? Would you enjoy doing this as a job? Even if you feel that you are not qualified, you are not expert, do not give it up just yet! You can learn, you can improve, you can start with small and build it up from scratch. Your possibilities are limitless! Do not run away. I trust you.

I believe in you. In your skills, in your mind, in your courage. Do not be afraid to think outside of the box.

Once you are clear about yourself, turn to your audience.


Do marketing. Reflect. First, find out who are your customers. Go through the marketing planning with an expert if you do not know how to play with the “P”s. You do not have to understand all the marketing secrets – unless you plan to set up a marketing business….

Do you have now your clients? Do you know who are they? Have you found them?

OK, put together now a questionnaire, a survey or just try to speak with them. Ask them what they want. What they need. What would make them happy. What would they want to buy.

And then start working. Build your online presence, set up your network, connect with your customers. Focus on your strengths. Push those things that you are good at. Forget or outsource everything else.

opss, do not forget to contact HMRC, read through their relevant pages, call them, talk to them.

And now you are ready to deliver.

Would you need more inspiration? Read advice from other self-employed people from the Loughborough network.

If you have any question let’s talk.


Customers first? REALLY?

How to treat your customers? Do you always have to satisfy all your clients and customers?

jóképű srác mosolyogYou will meet a few different types of customers: one will just turn his back on you and will never come back; the second type will be always unhappy does not matter how hard you try; the third one will be OK but he will not come back; and the one, who will love you and your service/product, who would give lots of inspiration, he is the one who will not get enough attention from you because you will be busy to make the others happy.

OR do you do differently? Do you say NO? How often?

How often do you feel that you never meet the right people? If it happens too often, look into Targeting, double check who your customers are and whether you are happy with them. If not, focus on this area a little bit more.

So, can you say YES to all your clients? Where is your limit? kövek és tollpihe

Also, what if you say NO? What will happen? Would you feel better if you could say NO without guilt or pressure?

It can be a good idea to find someone who actually targets those people who find you and you do not want to work with them. When you sell high quality bespoke handmade products and someone finds you with a request for something inexpensive so you should reduce your price with 90% – what can you do? This person is not your client but you do not have to send him away forever! You never know when this person becomes a potential customer. So, make partnership with someone who is a handmade-product maker, who works with similar but much cheaper products than you do. And direct this person to this other maker. To your competitor. Yes. I have just written it down. Your competitor can actually help you to stay connected with those people who are not your customers right now. But they can turn out to be or they can have a friend who is your potential client. And they can also recommend you. If you are so helpful that they actually find the service or product that is right for them, they will keep you in mind. And they will come back when the time is right. So treasure them.

investmentThere is a saying: there are two kind of people: 1. who are my customer, 2. who will be my customer.

What is your customer service policy? Have you written down your thoughts about it yet?

If you want to learn more about your customers or targeting, let’s talk.