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Make more time for what is important

Time management – Delegate!!! Focus on your strengths and delegate everything else! How? Let’s brain storm together now!

money vs time

money vs time

How much money do you waste?

Let’s quickly calculate it now… are you ready? How many hours do you work a day? How many money do you make a day? How much time do you spend with NOT growing your business? How many hours do you spend on figuring out what you should do next? Let’s say you waste 2 hours a day from your working hours, this is 2x your hourly fee. (For me, it is a pretty nice amount. It would hurt wasting it!) Continue reading

Coaching is a commitment

jóképű srác mosolyog

Terms and Conditions, Rules and Regulations, Cancellation Policy and so on, so on… you can call it whatever you like, it is a document that you need.

If you sell a product, you need to regulate how you sell it and under what conditions you accept a return. This is your guideline, this will protect you if you make a living from offering services. It is a document that every client and costumer needs to understand and agree before you start doing business together.

I added something more. A few thoughts about how I expect my clients to think about coaching and consulting. I included these few thoughts, so I make it really clear. Coaching and Consulting is not a one-off event that randomly happens to you. Coaching will bring change into your life.

And change comes to your life as result of your decision.

“Coaching is an ongoing relationship between a coach and a client.  The opportunity for success for the coaching client dramatically increases because changing habits and creating possibilities is a process.” It is all about finding your balance.

“Coaching is a structure”



“By entering this relationship, the Coach and Client acknowledge that the Client wants to make significant progress and change in his/her life. Because progress and change happen at rates that are unique to each individual, the Coach and client commit to working with each other for an initial three‐month period. This allows the coaching relationship necessary time to develop and progress through objectives, obstacles and successes that occur.”

We are going to do this together. We will find your balance.

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Customers first? REALLY?

How to treat your customers? Do you always have to satisfy all your clients and customers?

jóképű srác mosolyogYou will meet a few different types of customers: one will just turn his back on you and will never come back; the second type will be always unhappy does not matter how hard you try; the third one will be OK but he will not come back; and the one, who will love you and your service/product, who would give lots of inspiration, he is the one who will not get enough attention from you because you will be busy to make the others happy.

OR do you do differently? Do you say NO? How often?

How often do you feel that you never meet the right people? If it happens too often, look into Targeting, double check who your customers are and whether you are happy with them. If not, focus on this area a little bit more.

So, can you say YES to all your clients? Where is your limit? kövek és tollpihe

Also, what if you say NO? What will happen? Would you feel better if you could say NO without guilt or pressure?

It can be a good idea to find someone who actually targets those people who find you and you do not want to work with them. When you sell high quality bespoke handmade products and someone finds you with a request for something inexpensive so you should reduce your price with 90% – what can you do? This person is not your client but you do not have to send him away forever! You never know when this person becomes a potential customer. So, make partnership with someone who is a handmade-product maker, who works with similar but much cheaper products than you do. And direct this person to this other maker. To your competitor. Yes. I have just written it down. Your competitor can actually help you to stay connected with those people who are not your customers right now. But they can turn out to be or they can have a friend who is your potential client. And they can also recommend you. If you are so helpful that they actually find the service or product that is right for them, they will keep you in mind. And they will come back when the time is right. So treasure them.

investmentThere is a saying: there are two kind of people: 1. who are my customer, 2. who will be my customer.

What is your customer service policy? Have you written down your thoughts about it yet?

If you want to learn more about your customers or targeting, let’s talk.



Time management tips during a Business Consulting session (Case Study – The Pantry)

consulting in thePantrycropped1I handle all my clients’ files as confidential.

I find it essential to analyse the cases I work on and it does not matter that we have  a coaching session or a business consultancy. I always find tailored solutions. I cannot give the same advice to everyone. Even if two of my clients run similar businesses they are different. Their attitude towards the business, their standards, values and performance are all different, and so are their personalities.

I also commit myself to listen. Listen very carefully and actively so I really can hear what they have to tell. What their businesses tell me about them. What their website is about. How their Facebook profile picture talks to me. And these all help me. These all support my work plan, the flow of our sessions.

veggies and fruits in the PantryWhereas, we are all unique, there are always similar challenges that we can approach in similar ways. While I had a discussion with Clair, the owner of the Pantry, about targeting and where/how to find new clients, we talked about time management.

How would you be able to make more time to do all the tasks you put on your list?

First you want to do everything, soon you realize that you do not have the time! Before you could start with any marketing magic technique, you must find or make time to do it!

If you want to address your customers yourself, you must be available to meet them.

Hence, I am sure that making more time in your life will help you a lot to be available to make more money, to meet more people, to send out more leaflet.

Save time by prioritizing

Save time by prioritizing

I draw this simple picture to Clair and she thought this was really helpful. This is my to-do-list. Do you simply write a list? Or clouds of words? Or several lists on post-its? You might have a mental list or one on your calendar that is off as soon as you swipe the red cross over your screen. Are they helpful? Do they work well for you?

Let’s see if we can do a little improvement on your to-do-list.

First you need to determine what is important, what is urgent or the combinations. Write the task into the right place and there you go!

I gave the advice to Delegate what is not important but should be done by yesterday and you have no time to do it yourself. But you might decide to delegate other things, like cleaning that could easily end up in the ‘dump-it’ section, so you actually make time. thePantry consulting

What is not urgent today, might become urgent tomorrow. Try out how you can work with this smart tool and just move your undone tasks to the next day. You will feel less guilty knowing that they are not the urgent, nor the important ones!

Would you like to learn more? Do you want more?

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Make more TIME

time-managementThey say it is not about having more time – it is about making more time. Time management can be really difficult for some people and they often feel really busy but if they try to list what they actually achieved, it does not sound much. If you feel always busy and your thoughts keep you awake at night, you may need to learn a bit more about how to manage your time efficiently.

I found several articles on this topic and while they sound all so practical and useful, it is not easy to follow their advice.

Here is a good one:

This article is useful for mothers who work from home:

A mind map art  about time management:

What do you think? What could be the benefit of having more time? Would you just simply work more? How could you make more time for yourself?

Save time on Social Media – NOW

social mediaI was reading about time management a lot recently because I am planning materials for a group coaching session. I had to realize that almost everyone recommends that we should avoid social media. It can be distracting, time sucker and you easily spend your day checking profiles and reading articles. At the end of the day you feel so busy but in fact you did not do anything efficient.

But what if you actually work on Facebook for instance? You plan your marketing there, your target audience is on Facebook and you cannot really avoid it?

It can be a good idea that you do not log into Facebook at all. And even if you do, you keep your time tracked. You can use a count-down so you are more conscious. This is an example for an online stop watch/count down but you can use an offline version, too.

How to connect with your audience then? Try some apps like Pages or Groups, so you can even uninstall Facebook app from your phone or tablet.

How to manage your posts on more platform?

social media apps

social media apps

You can use PostPlanner or other “social media tools like TweetDeck, Co Tweet, Sprout Social, HootSuite and others have become widely adopted. They are a great asset for managing your social media presence across multiple platforms and accounts. The main benefit of using these tools is they make managing social media much more convenient.” (Read here more about why they might not work well on Facebook)

A little more insight what these applications are can be read over here on the Shonali Burke Consulting Inc website: Why Buffer, HootSuite and Post Planner are the Holy Trinity of Managing Social Media 

And how much is too much? Have a look at this info-graphic to see how many posts/day are effective.

For your personal page you can categorize your connections. Facebook gives you the opportunity to follow or unfollow people. To set if you want to be notified about their activities or if they are your close friends, friends or acquaintances. When ever you post something, you can decide who will see it. This way you are in control of what people can see and what comes up in your news feed.

So now you have more free time to do more. What are you going to use it for?


Therapy vs Coaching

Consultations or Coaching, Therapy or Coaching, Counselling or Therapy and then Mediation and Support groups and Advisory firms and so on ….wordle

Many of us feel often confused when these terms are not used correctly or when we do not  know what they really cover.

To understand the difference between Coaching and Consultancy, I give you a simple example.

A coach will ask you many powerful questions and you figure out the answer. A consultant will give you advice, options and solutions, so you get the answer. For me it does not really make sense to give you an answer without you having a question at ready. This is why I always start my session with coaching questions. So we actually have questions to answer. Then we move on to the solutions. This is why MH Consulting is not simply coaching or not simply consulting. It is a combination of both.

How is it different from Therapy? 

coaching vs therapyPatrick Williams in the Choice Magazine (reproduced with permission and available on the link here to download in .pdf) explains that “Unlike therapy, little time is spent in the past with coaching, except for brief “visits” and then the focus is on developing the future. “

For me coaching is really to look into the future using information from the past, consultancy is then the pavement that we walk on to get there, to achieve our set goals. As I do this mainly in business environment it means focusing on your marketing, business goals, time management, personal and professional development and your business challenges in general.

The above mentioned article also says: “…therapy is about uncovering and recovering, while coaching is about discovering…”

This is what I love the most: discovering. It is always something new to find. And not only in you or in your business but also in myself. As when I meet you, it is not just you who benefits from the session. You will show me your world, so I learn a lot from you, too.

If you want to discover your future challenges and opportunities now, contact me and we will ask those questions, answer them and plan the path to achieve your goals.

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