Do you plan your working hours well?

Time management is one of the hardest things to learn. You know what you should do, in most cases… and then you spend your time with something else. Worst case scenario: you waste your time! How will your business suffer from your bad habits? Have you realised it where you could be right now if you spent your working hours well planned? Do you think you are as effective as you could be?

I am sure you want to do more. You started your business to become more, to express yourself, to do something for yourself and of course, to earn money! I know we do not need to race and it is not always priority as often family comes before work. BUT, what if I tell you that you can actually do something very small every day that will change your way of work? Would you like to know what I am talking about?

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Give more attention to your clients by using a checklist!

How do you know that you deliver by your clients’ need? Do you agree in advance? Is it in writings? Are you required to do the same thing daily, weekly? Do you have a process, a routine you follow?

MH Consulting

MH Consulting

  • How do you work?
  • Are you structured or things just happen?
  • Are your clients happy with your work or would they tell you?
  • How can you make sure that you deliver on high standard?

It is amazingly simple! 

You ask them what they want AND You write it down. When you completed each task, you tick it. That’s it!

You can have a pre-designed checklist with you. Trust me, your customers will be impressed!

Let’s see an example. You run a gardening service and your new customer needs cutting and unweeding in front and rear gardens. So how would you put together a checklist?



  • unweed rear
  • unweed front
  • front hedge trimmed
  • rear garden bush trimmed
  • roses cut
  • lawn mowed
  • garden waste collected
  • garden waste moved from front
  • garden waste moved from back
  • and what else could you add? Like: tools collected, client checked the work done…

It will not only help you to make sure that you finish the job promptly and properly but it will give you a real professional look as well. Do you think your customers would deserve a little extra attention? Give it to them and they will be grateful.

Why is it also useful?

When your client calls you next time to do the same job as before they will expect you to remember what was required a few weeks ago. So what if YOU offer a routine that you repeat weekly or fortnightly? This will not only engage your client but it will build more trust. They will feel that you CARE about their needs. You listen. You really listen and understand. I think it is the most important. That your customer feel you pay attention.

Do you need help with your checklist?

Contact me, remember, your first session will cost you NOTHING! Yes! It is free of charge! And we can analyse what else your business need to grow, to become more professional, to be able to raise price or find more clients.

Talk soon,