One thing you can do to improve your system in style

Maybe it is a bit heavy topic for a weekend but once you become an entrepreneur you never stop being one!
So, I was wondering, does your customer have an outstanding purchasing experience with you? When people come to buy something from you, do they go on a wonderful journey with you? Is it planned or is it just happening?
When we go to the shops we can do shopping in a way we choose. Or we can shop online but then nothing is the same – ok, maybe one thing: our balance on our bank account changes the same way.
Why is that we want to feel, touch, smell what we buy? Certain things are OK to shop online, others are not. So what can you do to encourage online shoppers?
Change the way you promote your products. Make them feel, hear, see your product used in real life. Display your products as if it was really the thing they cannot live without.
Make them feel that they already sitting on your sofa, reading your book, wearing your jewellery or listening to your music.
How can you do that? Upload pictures that feature your product in use. Use high-quality photos. Create videos that show your product in use. If you make music, use it and show people enjoying it. If you sell logs, go ahead and show a well-designed living room with the most beautiful fireplace.
Put effort into selling and it does not mean you need to push your product … it means you need to display your product in a way that it shows how unique it is. How wanted it is. How it solves a problem. How everyone loves it. Make the purchasing experience a great one!
If it is still not clear what I mean, I bring an example from a very talented artist designer who makes bags. Simple as that: bags. But these bags are not only bags. No, no.
These bags will make you feel unique. These bags will make you feel beautiful. And yet, which display would catch your eyes? Which one would make you feel that “I cannot live without a bag like this.”?
The Aranka Bandula brand has a feature that is amazing! You need to see this and copy it!
If you want to read more, here is a good article about the topic.
Mariann Hornyák

What is your product, again?

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Cofresh Monkey Nuts

Roasted Peanuts in Shell

Ingredients: Peanuts

Allergy Advice: This product contains Peanuts.

Is this clear enough? If not, it is in a transparent bag, so you can even see the product.

Do you know what you buy? No doubt.


So what is your product?

Do your potential customers know what they get if they pay you? Is it clear what you offer?

I had to realise that often they do not understand the terminology we use. Or they do not have a clear picture about what will happen if they approach us. So why not telling them? Which format would you choose to communicate about your products and services?

Customers first? REALLY?

How to treat your customers? Do you always have to satisfy all your clients and customers?

jóképű srác mosolyogYou will meet a few different types of customers: one will just turn his back on you and will never come back; the second type will be always unhappy does not matter how hard you try; the third one will be OK but he will not come back; and the one, who will love you and your service/product, who would give lots of inspiration, he is the one who will not get enough attention from you because you will be busy to make the others happy.

OR do you do differently? Do you say NO? How often?

How often do you feel that you never meet the right people? If it happens too often, look into Targeting, double check who your customers are and whether you are happy with them. If not, focus on this area a little bit more.

So, can you say YES to all your clients? Where is your limit? kövek és tollpihe

Also, what if you say NO? What will happen? Would you feel better if you could say NO without guilt or pressure?

It can be a good idea to find someone who actually targets those people who find you and you do not want to work with them. When you sell high quality bespoke handmade products and someone finds you with a request for something inexpensive so you should reduce your price with 90% – what can you do? This person is not your client but you do not have to send him away forever! You never know when this person becomes a potential customer. So, make partnership with someone who is a handmade-product maker, who works with similar but much cheaper products than you do. And direct this person to this other maker. To your competitor. Yes. I have just written it down. Your competitor can actually help you to stay connected with those people who are not your customers right now. But they can turn out to be or they can have a friend who is your potential client. And they can also recommend you. If you are so helpful that they actually find the service or product that is right for them, they will keep you in mind. And they will come back when the time is right. So treasure them.

investmentThere is a saying: there are two kind of people: 1. who are my customer, 2. who will be my customer.

What is your customer service policy? Have you written down your thoughts about it yet?

If you want to learn more about your customers or targeting, let’s talk.



Are you good at what you do? REALLY?

feedback-520527_1280Are you good at what you do? How would you know that? What do your clients say about you? Do you know it at all?

Asking for feedback is one of the most scariest thing. Seeing a customer satisfaction survey result can be the most humiliating experience ever. At least, many business owners think this way.

It does not necessarily have to be  a bad thing.

First of all how do you know what you do the best? Client surveys, customer satisfaction questionnaires or feedback forms are not to list all the negative experience your client had with you. Feedback is not complain. Or it does not have to be.

feedback form mhcIf you ask for feedback every time you interact with a client, you can be entirely sure about your standards, your values and the quality of your service from your customers’ point of view. You will know who (they think) you are and what they need.

It can give you a distorted picture, though. You might make the mistake to satisfy all your clients and consider only what they need. But then what about you?

What about your expectations,measure-585888_640 your values, your standards and your motivation? You have started this business with an original idea of how to achieve success. You are doing this job because you chose it. How can you measure your success? Do you know how good you are? Do you know if you are up to the minimum expectations? Who will tell you?


So, what can you do now?

Landscape-Reflections-2Write down your expectations. From yourself, from your work, from your environment. Reflect. You need reflection to be able to see yourself clearly. Double check it regularly. Then get the collected feedback from the same period and compare them. If you have never wanted to sell high quality video decoders, than a complain from the customer looking for it in your shop is irrelevant, isn’t it? But if your shop shelves are all labelled as out of stock, this feedback might be something to look into.

Your customer will tell you how good you are, just give them the opportunity to do so. Ask them!

But always, ALWAYS, have a list of expectations in front of you that you wrote yourself, so you can check where you are, who you are and what you offer – from your own point of view. This is the only way to measure YOUR OWN success and satisfaction.

Let’s talk if you need someone to hold the mirror.