From SAHM to WAHM – 12 ways to start your business

The day to go back to work is just around the corner and you are not ready to leave your baby just yet. You might consider staying at home but then money can be an issue. I started to work while I was still at home with my boys because I needed to do something that is not related to poop and baby food. I adore my children, of course, and I was very content with my new mother-role in the first 2 years. And then I just needed more.

And it is OK. It is OK to express yourself on a new level.

from SAHM to WAHM

Here are my tips how you can begin and how to change your life forever. (No affiliate links in this article at all. Just sayin’.)


You can choose a well-established company. There are many many companies like this, it is called direct sale. They sell kitchenware, courses, cosmetics, aromatherapy oils and the list is almost endless. (Find an article with a huge list here on the workathomewoman page!)

You buy a starter kit and you get all the guidance you need.This is exactly what Francesca did and so created her own business, #themadeupmummy. She is very happy and her success gives her confidence a real boost every single day!

themadeupmummy cover fb


Another direct sale opportunity that you could try, if you fancy cute nails, is Jamberry. Kirstie started with selling products and now she is working towards a nail tech diploma. You will find lovely photos on her Instagram account @kikkisnailsuk.



Getting a license in a specialised area can be a wonderful adventure! It depends on the field of your interest and expertise. Tara, for example, runs The Daisy Foundation Derby and Belper: Derbyshire and offers antenatal support to several local families!

daisy antenatal


There are MLM (multi-level marketing) businesses, such as Forever Living Products that Alice chose (her business is Aloe Alice) or Arbonne. Have I mentioned Chloe’s business yet? She has a health and wellness business with Arbonne: Live what you love. You can also get a franchise business. You might need a few pennies to start, though.



Are you exceptionally talented and would like to create jewellery? Why not? Katie works with her husband and they dream these amazing beauties together! The Flash Jordan Jewellery makes bespoke metal jewellery and corporate gifts. Do you have a small workshop already? Start your planning now!

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Check out Bel’s business, ask her how she started! She found her own niche and created the Yogaberries and her dream came true. She teaches yoga to babies and children. Is this something you would love to do?



Are you organised and do you love structure? With just a very little investment you can become a virtual assistant! You will need to learn a lot, educate yourself before you start supporting businesses but this is normal, it is the same in every business. You won’t start it blind. I know a qualified VA who has several years of experience in administration and projects. Her name is Sarah and she started the Banks’ Business Solutions from scratch. Today she is a successful mompreneur who has to outsource some of her tasks and she is already hiring! I am pretty sure you can get there, too!

banks business solutions


I am not into the details and I hate monotone work. I would not cope well with physical products, the administration, delivery and all sort of things that are required when you run a shop. But there are people who are just simply great with it! Ecoroos is a great example, Paulina created a magical world around her Ecoroos family and their webshop is very popular.



I love the versatility of writing, so I run blogs (yes, you can make money with blogs) and I write books, I help WAHMs with their digital content. Being a copywriter is a great way to work from home and dive into intellectual freedom. Or is there anything you love and could teach? Imagine you move to the beautiful Tenerife and you teach English or writing online. hhmm….


Become a photographer! Check out Jenny’s page, Indigo and Violet Photography, to see how she started. Her photos are amazing, she is very talented. Do you think you could do this, too? Do you have the passion for art? Calculate the costs of the equipment and consider the possibilities how to train yourself. Talk to Jenny or book a session with her.

Indigo and Violet


Are you crafty? You can make small gifts or any handmade beauty. Just like Andrea! She creates lovely decorations that nobody can resist to buy! How is it even possible? You only need a needle and jump into it! Pöttöm Design is now growing and expanding into the European Market, and she really started with one small piece of nursery decoration.

pöttöm design


oh, hi, me again! You might follow this page for a while, so you know that I support new businesses to plan their first steps. My motto is: from dream to plan. You can become a coach or a business consultant, too! Business planning is the number one support you will need even before you start your business. I would love to chat with you and hear what you are up to! Just message me on my Facebook page, MH Consulting. Is it expensive to become a management consultant, business coach or planner? Hmm… well, it depends on how good you want to be! Just like in any business. So, go ahead and educate yourself, learn and never stop learning.


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One thing you can do to improve your system in style

Maybe it is a bit heavy topic for a weekend but once you become an entrepreneur you never stop being one!
So, I was wondering, does your customer have an outstanding purchasing experience with you? When people come to buy something from you, do they go on a wonderful journey with you? Is it planned or is it just happening?
When we go to the shops we can do shopping in a way we choose. Or we can shop online but then nothing is the same – ok, maybe one thing: our balance on our bank account changes the same way.
Why is that we want to feel, touch, smell what we buy? Certain things are OK to shop online, others are not. So what can you do to encourage online shoppers?
Change the way you promote your products. Make them feel, hear, see your product used in real life. Display your products as if it was really the thing they cannot live without.
Make them feel that they already sitting on your sofa, reading your book, wearing your jewellery or listening to your music.
How can you do that? Upload pictures that feature your product in use. Use high-quality photos. Create videos that show your product in use. If you make music, use it and show people enjoying it. If you sell logs, go ahead and show a well-designed living room with the most beautiful fireplace.
Put effort into selling and it does not mean you need to push your product … it means you need to display your product in a way that it shows how unique it is. How wanted it is. How it solves a problem. How everyone loves it. Make the purchasing experience a great one!
If it is still not clear what I mean, I bring an example from a very talented artist designer who makes bags. Simple as that: bags. But these bags are not only bags. No, no.
These bags will make you feel unique. These bags will make you feel beautiful. And yet, which display would catch your eyes? Which one would make you feel that “I cannot live without a bag like this.”?
The Aranka Bandula brand has a feature that is amazing! You need to see this and copy it!
If you want to read more, here is a good article about the topic.
Mariann Hornyák

The 5 Groups you need to join NOW

5-facebook-groups-1Are you growing your business? Are you starting just now?

Here are the 5 Facebook groups that I found the MOST useful to learn about social media, time management and I use for networking and most of them are free!




Jo Bendle’s Productivity Boosters for Female Entrepreneurs is amazing! You cannot miss out if you want to get organised and get your things done! Here is the link to the group. Also, go and check out Jo’s Facebook Page, she knows her thing.

ABW – Aspiring Business Women – already the name tells it all. Lady entrepreneurs who are aspiring and serious about business. The leaders of ABW are experts on business support and they register local networking groups under their umbrella in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, UK. Joining is free for a week, so you have time to look around and have a feel about the community. This networking group has a reasonable membership fee after the trial. Connect with Clair or Andrea when you ask for joining! 😉

WAHMS Café is a group for creative people who are about to launch their business and they are not sure about the steps. The talented entrepreneurs (ladies and gentlemen, too) get inspired by the continuous discussions, thought-provoking questions and challenges. You can join the virtual café here and there is no membership fee at all.


Not for networking but learning about WordPress, this group, WordPress Help and Share, is a wonderful source of information and help. I learned a lot only by reading! Ask the admins to approve your joining request by clicking here!

And do you know where do I run when I need to ask something about my books? Right, I go to the experts. The group called ‘I run a small business’ has always been helpful, from day one. It is UK based, crowded with experienced and helpful small business owners. Click here to join them! Remember, no advertisement in this group!


Anyway, always read the descriptions before you join and open the pinned post for instructions. These groups are for your benefit, show respect. And enjoy networking! GO!


See you in the groups,

Mariann Hornyák

The number one key to build community

What do you need to build community? Why do you need to build community at all?

Nowadays markets are overloaded. What makes you different from the guy next door is that some people know and trust you. Others trust him. What will make people trust that you will deliver quality to them? YOU. Your personality, your brand. Your communication.

For example, if I know someone selling knitted saucepans and I start to follow him, I will see his notes, comments, we even make friends on social media, so I see his posts. I love his work, I am thinking of ordering a whole big set of his knitted kitchenware. And then, I see him posting about other clients.. making fun of them. Ridiculing his own followers, his own people. He starts posting about the “idiots” who believed that knitted saucers are great for cooking and makes jokes about what messages he gets.

I have seen this many times. And not only me, but everyone. Every single follower. Do you work hard to build a brand with one hand and then you ruin everything with the other one?

Or are you smart and you build your brand with one hand and you support it with the other one?

What will your profile tell about you?

This is the number one step. That you understand the importance of your communication. How much, how, to whom and when and where… this is essential.

I am writing a piece about channels, too! Next blog post is coming up soon!

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me, I am available to chat anytime!

Mariann Hornyák


Do you plan your working hours well?

Time management is one of the hardest things to learn. You know what you should do, in most cases… and then you spend your time with something else. Worst case scenario: you waste your time! How will your business suffer from your bad habits? Have you realised it where you could be right now if you spent your working hours well planned? Do you think you are as effective as you could be?

I am sure you want to do more. You started your business to become more, to express yourself, to do something for yourself and of course, to earn money! I know we do not need to race and it is not always priority as often family comes before work. BUT, what if I tell you that you can actually do something very small every day that will change your way of work? Would you like to know what I am talking about?

First, work in teams. Are you self-employed with no colleagues? Join our WAHMS Café club on Facebook!

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Are you mobile-friendly?

Hi, how are you? How was your bank holiday weekend? This is now just a quick note as this week is quite short for us!

Did you know that google offers an analysis to see if your webpage is mobile-friendly or not?

Here is the link to check out your own website:

Why is it important?

Have you read about google ranking?



Do you read this article from your phone? Do you use your phone to open websites at all? Well, I guess, you do. We all do. And your clients will open your page, too.

Or on their tablet, or other great devices. So, go ahead and check your page.

Here is the link again:

Oh, and what to do if your page is not mobile-friendly? Or want to know more?

Here is a great Q&A from Google!

Let me know if you need more information!

Talk soon,